By Dave Loveton, Director of Media Relations
Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012

Moorpark fundraiser set for May 19
Lightning will play at Moorpark High

The Los Angeles Lightning will strike at Moorpark High on Saturday, May 19 in a special fundraiser for the Musketeers’ athletic program. Tip-off for the pro basketball game against the Gary Splash is set for 7 p.m.

“Being a part of the Lightning organization for a few years, I have seen many schools and organizations be blessed,” said Rob Lemons. “Now the school where I coach, Moorpark High, will be a part of that too. I have seen many fans enjoy a great night of fast-paced pro basketball ... its a win-win for everyone."

The Lightning, featuring a star-studded lineup of ex-NBA players and international stars, has implemented a new Ticket-Split online program, powered by Vendini Ticket Systems. Local charities, high schools and non-profit organizations will receive 50 percent of the proceeds from tickets they sell.

“Growing up in West Texas, some of my best memories came from games when I was in high school,” said Lightning owner Mark Harwell. “The reason we do the community tour is to bring back that flavor.”

The Lightning plays an exciting, high-scoring brand of basketball, featuring former NBA players Lamond Murray, Toby Bailey, Bryon Russell, Fred Vinson, Juaquin Hawkins, Darrick Martin and Tyus Edney.

Trayvon Lathan, Billy Knight, Kamran Sufi, Chris Ayer, Adam Parada and Senator Tony Strickland have also been key components on a team that captured the International Basketball League title in 2009. Lathan is playing pro ball in Canada while Knight is in Japan.

Murray, who once scored 41 points in an NBA game, was the MVP of the 2009 IBL Finals. Russell reached the NBA Finals three times with the Utah Jazz and L.A. Lakers and Bailey helped UCLA capture its last NCAA title in 1995.

Vinson, an assistant coach for the New Orleans Hornets, once made 15 3-pointers in a game. He‘s one of the Lightning’s original Big Three, along with Murray and Bailey. He‘s been the floor general and heart and soul of the team.

Lathan, a 6-8 guard, was the Lightning’s top scorer (26 ppg) and rebounder (11.5) in their last season. He’s currently playing pro ball in Canada and Knight, an ex-UCLA star, is doing the same in Japan.

“I’m excited about this year,” said Lightning coach Ron Quarterman. “And I’m looking forward to great things from these guys.”

Any charity, non-profit or school that would like to participate in the Ticket-Split program should contact Mark Harwell.

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